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Competitive Programs

The competitive arm of LMSA is the La Mirada Futbol Club (LMFC) founded in 2012  it is comprised of LMFC Club teams.

At the LMFC it is our philosophy and goal to provide our local youth the opportunity to develop the higher level skills and soccer knowledge  available at the competitive level in the club soccer arena.

To accomplish this we start by putting together higher level coaches assigned to develop concepts that emphasize ideals within the four pillars of soccer: technical, tactical, physical and psychological.  

Our goal for our families and players is a personal commitment to be the very best soccer player and person.  This is achieved through commitment to training and games, devotion to the sport, and support of the club and team.

For information on tryouts for a  specific team click on  the "Try out for Team" link below:

Then click on the contact for the team you are interested in.


What Is Signature?

Each year many recreational-based soccer families are faced with a dilemma: continue playing recreational soccer or make the big jump to competitive or “club” soccer. For years, there has been a definite expressed need to provide an opportunity for young players to play soccer at an intermediate level, between the strict recreational play and the highly committed competitive play. Hence the creation of the Cal South Signature Leagues in 2002.

LMSA’s goal is to provide  competitive teams at each level of play geared for the Community of La Mirada, our residents and students.

Cal South created the Signature League Program for recreational league based organizations wishing to offer a new playing opportunity of higher level of soccer skill. This program being a natural progression or transition to competitive soccer in the near future. However, this jump requires a family making a sizable commitment in terms of both time and financial resources.

Signature Leagues are “localized” playing circuits formed by eligible recreational leagues that are comprised of “all-star rec” teams selected by the individual leagues through a selection process published by the individual recreational leagues. Recreation Leagues must registered these players with Cal South under the Signature League level of play. Each Signature League playing circuit is coordinated by a Signature League Director or Coordinators responsible for ensuring the scheduling of games and rule enforcement through the participating recreational leagues. There are a number of rules that are unique to the Signature League such as a minimum 50% play rule for all players.